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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Arduino. In this post, you are going to learn about how to make an Arduino traffic light controller. This traffic light controller will be used to control the flow of traffic. These can be applied at high traffic areas to avoid traffic blocks or accidents. I also made an Density based traffic light controller using Arduino.

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Working of Arduino Traffic Light Controller This project is done to give you an idea of how the traffic light controller works. This is not the real time traffic light controller. So at start, green light of signal 1 and red lights at other signals will light up to give time to the vehicles at signal 1 to pass.

After 5 seconds, the yellow light at signal 1 will light up to give an indication that the red light at signal 1 is about to come up and also to give an indication to the vehicles at signal 2 that the green light is about to light up. So after 2 seconds, red light at signal 1 will come up and green light at signal will come up meaning vehicles at signal 1 must stop and vehicles at signal 2 can move.

Similarly the traffic light controller will work for the signal 3, signal 4 and the system will keep looping. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Traffic Light Four Way. Fawad Naqvi. The timer Basic idea is that project we have chosen is a traffic IC has a SR flip flop, resisters, transistor and light controller is to create a 4 way traffic controller comparators.

The IC is known as timer because it through the concept of digital logic design. That we contains three 5 kilo ohms resistors in series. The create such a circuit in which there will be four traffic main function of this IC in our circuit is to provide us signals which will turn GREEN one by one while the with a high and low clock, which is why timer IC other traffic signals are will be RED, simultaneously.

Basically, it is creating a plus which vehicles by providing appropriate signals to different is required for the decade IC ahead in the circuit.

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On directions for a limited time slot, thus providing pin 2 there is a trigger which activates a transistor safety against collisions of vehicles. After which the due to which the capacitor at pin 6 starts to is next waiting drivers will be given same treatment. The The control signals are 3-lights.

There are eight lanes and each lane will open one by one. In this way 4 states are possible for which different vehicles will pass through the signals. It has considered to have to inputs and one output, except 16 pins in which pin eight and 16 are Vin and the NOT gate, it has only one input and one output.

This also the way it has been used in the circuit implementation. If one of the inputs is low or zero the output will always be low or zero. If input is equal to 0 then output will be equal to 1 and vice versa. There are 10 outputs form Q0- This gate basically performs addition of the two Q9 which are distributed from pin These pins inputs.We have good news for the Excel community!

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4 way traffic light project report

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok No Privacy policy.Frank Donald January 3, 67 Comments. LEDmicrocontroller. Traffic light system was one of the fascinating applications of Embedded systems and have been using the same till this day. This is the four way traffic light system using embedded systems which was bit complex in nature as we need to consider the traffic flow in four different directions providing appropriate timings to each of the lights.

In this configuration the Microcontroller was used to sink the current from the LED to its ports. Here we are using 6 MHz crystal for the Microcontroller operation and you can use upto 12MHz crystal with this controller. As you can see in the above pin configuration there is two common ground pins, we can use any one of it. The 7-segment should be connected to the port in the following order P2.

These are the connection configurations and components we are going to use in this 4-way Traffic light system using Microcontroller. The above diagram illustrates the traffic flow layout of the four way road.

And this is just a model of the four way road ,schemes and layout may subjected to change. I have chose this one for easier explanation of the traffic flow. The traffic flow can be classified in to four phases in the above diagram and i have considered the North as starting point of this traffic flow.

And in the above scheme vehicles are allowed to make a free right turn so we need to consider only two directions straight and left. So the green signal was classified into two types one for G for permitting vehicle to proceed forward and GL for permitting vehicles to left. The above scheme is just an example and are subjected to change in real time roads, as different four way traffic flow schemes are followed widely around the world.

This illustration was aimed to make you understand the flow and guide in designing the system according to the flow of traffic. The timing is one of the important factor to consider in a traffic light system. Here in this design i have programmed in such a way a red light will be on for 50 seconds and 10 seconds for Yellow light.

So adding up a traffic flow or a Green signal will be On for 60 seconds totally before switching the flow to the next phase. The 7 segment was used in this design to to display the timing to the vehicle users in the road. This ease up the vehicle users and provides knowledge of the timing left before the switching of the next signal. The code was given below. Modifying the array can extend your timings to different lights. I have also added the Proteus simulation file and hex file of this program below.

Get the files here. Hello, can you please tell me the components that are required for this project including resistors and capacitors if needed.

C1 and C2 is 22pF.We all know about Arduino. It is one of the most popular open source micro controller board which is highly useful for doing DIY projects. We have covered a more simpler version of traffic lights in this traffic light circuit. Here have demonstrated it for 3 sides or ways. Like, at a time, there will be two Red signals on any of the two sides and one Green light on the remaining side. And yellow light will also glow, for 1 second each time, in between transition from Red to Green, means first red light glows for 5 second then yellow light glows for 1 second and then finally green light will be turned on.

In the program, first we have declared pins 2,3…10 as output in void setup for 9 LEDs three on each side i. Then in void loop function we have written the code for traffic lights to be turned on and off in sequence as mentioned above. This process is well demonstrated in the Video Below. Then the yellow light gets turned on at the right side for 1sec followed by the Green light, leaving other two sides i. Then yellow on the left side glows for 1sec followed by green one, leaving upside and right side Red with 5sec delay.

This process is looped in void loop function for continuous process. Here we can modify delays for which the Red, yellow and Green light remain on and off. I have an HCS12 microcontroller.

4 way traffic light project report

Can I use my board to make this? How would I adjust the code or does it even need to be adjusted? HCS12 is very different from Arduino the whole code has to be changed. Sure you can. Hey can I interface lcd with traffic light controller using arduino without using I2C lcd module so that I can display the comments.

Stop-when red leds are on,Go- when green leds are on,Ready-when orange leds are on this things should be displayed simultaneously on the lcd. I tried this experiment but the pins are not enough to connect the lcd pins as 9 leds has occupied from 3 to 10 digital pins. If I connect the lcd pins to analog pins it's not working.

Traffic Light Control Electronic Project using IC 4017 & 555 Timer

So my question is can I connect the lcd pins to to analog pins on the arduino board to display the comments as I mentioned above? If it's not possible ,then how can I connect lcd pins to arduino? Plz reply me a.

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Yes you can use the analog pins on arduino as digital pins and so you can also interface LCD with it. Can we make the program quite short by using the Ports in program?It is glowing very fast so, please tell me what should I do….??

There are little mismatch between components in image and description.

4 way traffic light project report

I laid out this project on electronics workbench and does not work. Can you give any offline software which help me to simulate electrical and electronics ckt and in which all components and all tools are available and which shows working condition of ckt and relay ,ldr and other coponents available.

Did you get that 4-way traffic control system. If so can you please send it to me! Actually I worked on one way control system I cleared it then as a part of next I tried in four way but I failed to do so! If you send it to me I will be more thankful!

Greetings Sir, I am interested in making this project with my school students tomorrow, but I only have one question — Can I use actual bulbs in place of LED? And for that I will need to input AC Current so that the bulbs light up. Can you please tell me, how can that be achieved. I will follow your design during making, kindly please instruct.

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You can use triacs. The outputs of the isolator will go to the gate of the triac. First find total load of lamps then size triac current rating just over load current.

The triac voltage should be rated to withstand peak to peak voltage. A VAC peak to peak is about volts, so a trick rated above that should be fine. Finally you need to work out gate current and I believe that should work. Modern signal lights use LEDs, but there are still many incandescent signal heads out there.

Keep in mind that AC current can be lethal, so be sure to do this as safely as possible. Sir, I was given a mini project on traffic light controller. So can u show me clearly how connections are to be made?This is a simple 4-way Traffic Light Controller that I made. The LEDs are controlled my an arduino uno. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

Traffic Light 4 Way. Using Arduino Uno

Hello, nice work. It is a very helpful one for my college project. Thank you.

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But couldn't clearly understand those wiring connections. Can u please send some more pics, or explain it, please. That would be a lot of help. I made the four way traffic system but I what to add a two pedestrian crossing to the arduino code, could you help me with this.

Reply 4 years ago. You must connected to the blue cables with negative trmnal of the led and connected to negative for Arduino. Introduction: Traffic Light 4 Way.

Traffic Light Dashboard Template

Using Arduino Uno. By alikarkuki Ali karkuki Follow. More by the author:. Breadboard 3. Arduino UNO 4. Add Teacher Note. Attachments aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Did you make this project?

Share it with us! I Made It!

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Reply Upvote. Maquiz 2 years ago. Help me with a circuit diagram in proteus please, I need it for my project. HarishB21 3 years ago. PeterT 3 years ago. Hi Ali could you help me I made the four way traffic system but I what to add a two pedestrian crossing to the arduino code, could you help me with this. AdilahH 3 years ago. RohanTheProgrammer 3 years ago. Thank you for your help, this was my school project and i made it thanks to you, thank you sir. MohanA1 4 years ago. Fun project. I have been meaning to make some traffic lights for my son's toy cars.